Custom Exhaust For My Ride

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I have always envisaged having a great looking ride and for that case, it has been a couple of months since I started looking around for eye-catching custom exhaust systems. But it was until recently that I had traveled to South Florida for a business trip by road when I stumbled on a custom exhaust shop, which later turned out to be the finest that I have ever come across. Being the IT geek that I’m and a sports enthusiast, I have been bred to desire only the best-great looking, unique and quality modifications that cannot come with my original ride. I admired having a custom exhaust that is attractive, with terrific sounds and that can enhance my car’s performance. I presume we all know with certainty that auto manufacturers leave enough room for improvement when it comes to torque and horsepower. I’m not saying that these vehicles are poorly made, but most of the auto manufacturers naturally do not go for expensive versions of such things as exhaust systems.exhaust-replacement-repair-naples-florida

I talked with the service representatives at the car shop who explained to me how custom exhaust systems work towards scaling up the functionality of my vehicle’s engine. I was pretty happy to know that these custom systems provide a way for gasses to escape faster, therefore allowing for better performance. The engine will breathe better and spent air and fuel will escape faster, therefore enhancing the combustion in the chamber. This means that more power could be burned to offer more power, which is what I have always desired while driving on the roads. Power and more power to make me feel the thrill is what I have always desired.

I checked a few “before and after“ pictures of cars that added the exhaust system and I was delighted about how great they looked. The exhaust system seemed pretty subtle, uniquely and distinctly aggressive. I was quite happy to learn that at idle, the custom exhaust was just a little louder than yours, but would growl when you accelerate. There were custom exhaust systems that were in the shop and I was attracted to those which had crush bends-the type that is synonymous with a majority of aftermarket exhaust systems. The pipe had same diameter throughout, and this ensured an efficient airflow and better car performance.

Another thing that I loved about the exhaust pipe is the material which it’s made of. Read More »

Why I Always Wanted To Be A Truck Driver

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I once heard someone say that anyone who has ever wanted to drive commercial trucks is a moron. But I do not believe there is anyone who has never considered working as a truck driver, not only in the United States but also from other parts of the world. But for now, let’s not delve on whether anyone who has ever thought of being a truck driver is a moron or not and dwell on the reasons that got me attracted to long distance trucking.

Traveling and living on the road for as long as three weeks at a time can be a source of incredible fascination, right? There are many impressive sights, an opportunity to meet different kinds of people from far and wide and the rare opportunity of watching the sun rise and set from one coast to another. What can this experience compare with?

trucker-dudeI have fancied a nomadic lifestyle for quite a long period and the time I fancied being a truck driver was when I was in my early 20s, driving, with no wife and children. Then, there was this friend of mine who worked with Tom Nehl, which is the largest commercial trucks dealership in North Florida and South Georgia and seemed to enjoy every bit of his truck driving career.

He used to tell me how being on the road is more than just a job. Traveling the countryside, hills, and valleys and not knowing where exactly your next load will take you. He told me that as soon as you are at it, this becomes your way of life. Well, he told me how he could get home after every few weeks to find that he is no longer part of the lives of the people who treated him with love before. While this was shocking, I found this to be quite thrilling.

Back then I admired the life of solitude and trucking is one of the options that offered this way of life. I fully respected being on the roads for up to 24 hours a day, all by myself, and without seeing or coming across anyone who I may know. All you will go through is a life of solitude and meeting strangers, who with time you become accustomed to.

My friend went ahead to tell me that dock workers, waitresses, and other truck drivers would be my primary company. Read More »

GlowBowl: The Coolest Thing I Got For Christmas

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While I have received numerous Christmas gifts in the past, there is one that still boggles my mind. This December, a close friend who I have known for many years bought me a toilet night light as a gift, and it’s without doubts one of the coolest things that I have ever got as a Christmas gift. This toilet night light transformed my life completely as it changed what I had been accustomed to. It comes with up to sevenglow bowl exciting colors that I can choose from and which I can change with a single touch of a button.

No matter the time of the day, this incredible gift transforms my restroom into anything that I want and, what’s more, fascinating is that with some little change, it can fit any type and design of a toilet. Anytime I can amend the level of brightness in my restroom depending on what I want and also depending on my mood. GlowBowl Toilet Night Light offers five levels of brightness and no matter what I want to achieve, I can do it with just a press of a button. I can choose a GlowBowl color that matches that of your house decor. With up to seven vibrant colors, I have enough options to help offer my toilet a great look.

The battery that accompanies the GlowBowl is excellent and the low battery indicator provides me with a quick indicator of the dropping level of power and the need to have it recharged. Moreover, I don’t have to be very careful with this incredible product because it’s not only light sensitive, but also water resistant. This means that even when water splashes on it, you will not have to worry about it as you can wipe away and it won’t get damaged.

I’m one of the people who have done the unthinkable in the past- and I’m quite confident that we are in the thousands. Well, if I may ask- who hasn’t missed a target when seated on a toilet seat? What about creating a mess in your bathroom when cleaning up? And what most of us have experienced is stumbling about in the dark, especially when the light switches seem far away and when bulbs have gone bad. I had to forget about all these because I can choose a GlowBowl color that matches that of your house décor. With up to seven vibrant colors, I have enough options to help offer my toilet a great loScreen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.05.08 PMok. Read More »

You Should Always Use a Boutique Hotel

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I have been to Miami several times in my life and for all the trips that I have made, I have used a boutique hotel. Being a business traveler, there is one place that I found to be exceptional – Hotel Boutique 18 as it offers features and a serene environment that every business traveler and a vacationer would want to enjoy.

The location of the Miami Boutique Hotel is one of the factors that makes it admirable for me, and I’m quite sure that this will remain one of the biggest appeals for most people. The facility is just a few meters away from the Beach, within the proximity of the Miami International Airport and a reputable convention center which makes it a great place to stay regardless of whether you are on a business trip on your private vacation.

The Miami Boutique Hotel building is tucked inside the Art Deco district, therefore, providing unhindered access to all that a world-class city can offer to anyone who is in the city for business travel and who wants to enjoy short commutes and pocket-friendly cab fares.

Recently when I was at the hotel, I started my day by enjoying the sun at the Miami Beach, surf and relax in the warm weather. After hours of having a great time at the beach, I took a stroll down the road to the popular Lincoln Road Mall to enjoy delicious dishes from world class restaurants.

At the mall, I discovered that there are all sorts of shops, with everything that any buyer would desire to buy. After taking a meal, followed by a drink, I walked a few meters ahead to purchase a souvenir that still reminds me of my visit to South Florida. Another awesome thing that’s of huge attraction in the Art Deco district is the architecture, museums and the art galleries that add to your viewing pleasure. Before you get out of the area, you will be in a position to learn whatever has been happening.DSC_6014

At the end of the day, you can dance away the night in any of the nightclubs in the area. I went out on a dance and looked back to my next visit there! There are all sorts of clubs in the area, so you can be pretty sure that areas around the Miami boutique hotel are your hot spot.

Since I went there for business the very last time I traveled, the short distance to the nearby conventions is one of the main reasons that will interest you in the accommodation facility. Read More »

The Benefits of Pet Boarding

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When you are going out of town, you will need to make arrangements about who will take care of your pets. I know that these creatures become a part and parcel of our daily lives, so getting the best care when you cannot be with them is the most appropriate thing to do. My sister, who is a resident of Davie, FL, has been an ardent user of professional pet boarding services whenever she leaves home. What’s interesting is that there are many choices that were available to her. Considering her residence in Davie, FL, it was important looking for a pet boarding company that’s reputable and which delivers value for money.

While you are away from your cats and dogs, pet boarding offers a more convenient method of caring for the animals that you love dearly. You will find that most experienced pet sitters such as TLC Pet Boarding are not only honest but also dependable. This is the company that my sister mainly used, and regardless of the attachment that you have with your pets, you can rest assured that they will be able to provide a quality service.

Your pets can be affected negatively when you have no one to take care of them in your absence. . For instance, they will not be able to be fed or given their medication on time. There are also a few instances where your animals may get into a dangerous situation, and this can be aggravated when you don’t have someone to keep a close eye on them. With the professional help that’s offered by pet boarding, you can rest assured that the requirements of your dogs and cats will be well taken care of until when you return to your home.

Reputable service providers like the TLC Pet Boarding provide the care that your pets require seven days a week. Because they are virtually available every hour, the pets can fully benefit from the one on one interaction that they crave for. These professionals have a wider understanding of pets and will do whatever it takes to ensure that they keep the animal’s routine similar to what they had become accustomed to at home.

The pet boarding company employees are pros in whatever they are doing and will know which steps to take in-case there is an emergency. For instance, they know what type of medicine to administer and will also get the approval of your pet even before you return home. Read More »

Fundraising For Community Sports

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For many years now, I have been an extreme Florida Gators fan, and it’s always my desire to help promote sporting activities in my community. I know that financing is one of the biggest issues that a community sporting team will have to deal with on a regular basis. This is why I had to look for creative ways of fundraising for community sports. One of my favorite ways of raising funds is by designing fundraising T-shirts and making them available for sale. I have preferred working with partners who run established platforms that are geared towards helping community sporting organizations raise the funds that they need to remain vibrant and succeed.

Fortunately, many people who value sports and who understand how much a sport contributes to the positive development of the society are willing to go an extra mile to provide the necessary support that community teams require to achieve their goals. Almost everyone who I have met has been very willing to buy a well designed and attractive T-shirt as a way of supporting their preferred sporting organizations.

Anytime I’m thinking of fundraising T-shirts to help raise funds for a community team, I go for Charitees, an established printer of tee-shirts with a purpose. This company has been operating for two decades now, and it aims at providing high-quality embroidery, printing and promotional products for schools, foundations and community sporting organizations. It has been proven that such entities can help bring a huge transformation in how people run their everyday activities while also enhancing the overall perception that people may have with regard to sporting organizations.

Because their target is to help organizations, schools and many more raise funds for charitable activities, they ensure that their prices are highly discounted. This means that the organization that’s selling the tee shirts to raise money for its activities will be able to retain most of the money as profits. I’m so happy that Charitees had to come up with such incredible plans and help provide world class fundraising T-shirts for community-based organizations.

The tee shirt printing company strongly believes that it’s the duty of every organization to help its local community and Charitees ensures that part of its annual profits are donated to community organizations that are chosen by its staff. This is one of the key reasons why I have always preferred using this company, as I believe it is at the forefront of working with like minded persons who have dedicated their time to improving the ability of sporting organizations to get access to funding that will help them achieve their desired goals. Read More »

Why Chiropractors Are Important For Sports Injuries

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For as long as I can remember, I have been a sports enthusiast and an ardent supporter of The Florida Gators. I have gone out religiously to watch college football with my friends and family and have been frustrated when well-known athletes miss a game because of injuries or were on the pitch, but unable to perform optimally. This is what prompted me to explain to athletes why visiting chiropractors is important for their injuries.

As an athlete, you understand that the demands of taking part in sport activities such as tackling, jumping and running. By putting your body through these naturally tiring tasks, the results are sprains, painful tears and strains. Repetitive motions, forceful impacts, failure to warm up well and excessive training are just among the many causes of a sports injury. Anytime you have a minor or major injury, it’s the wish of every athlete to get back to training quickly and start comatlanta_sports_injury_chiropractorpeting again. We all understand how frustrating it is seeing your peers hitting the track yet you are seated helplessly.

No matter your specialty, you can benefit immensely from getting chiropractic treatment. You will find the adjustments being able to treat injuries that you sustain from high impact sports such as football, hockey and wrestling. It has been proven that most high impact sports cause the same amount of strain to your body just in the same scale an auto collision would. But when you opt for a regular adjustment, your athletic performance can be improved drastically. Your range of motion which is a requirement for endurance athletes, improves drastically. Other benefits are improvement in blood flow, better flexibility. Spinal manipulations reduces the amount of irritations on the vertebrae nerve roots, therefore shortening healing time for minor injuries while enhancing performance.

If you are an athlete taking part in low impact sports, chiropractic adjustments can help in relieving strains on your body. Chiropractic treatments provide a natural way of treating as well as preventing a wide range of ailments that plague athletes regularly. So, if you are a golfer, bowler or a tennis player, you should know that the benefits that you can derive from chiropractic adjustments are massive.

Tamarac chiropractic experts use a wide range of therapies, but their choice depends on the type of injury and the result which they want to achieve. While some athletes may suffer from excruciating pain that affects their stability, there are those whose problems are quite minimal. Read More »

My Move to Jupiter

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Some months ago, I had to relocate to Jupiter, Florida, from Miami, FL and since I had resided in Florida for many years, I had to seek the services of long distance movers that were operating from my city. I had many options to go for, but I chose DeVries Relocation, a reputable moving company with many years of experience in helping people and businesses relocate their homes and offices. As soon as we completed the necessary discussions and signed the coMoving Services in Jupiterntract with the long distance movers, their staff moved in quickly, with the right packing boxes for all of my personal items. Their concierge was quite knowledgeable and created the perfect move experience that left an enormous impression on me. The movers knew everything that the journey entailed and provided me with important guidelines that helped in making the move a success.

The moving experts focused on doing the move right, and their workers were meticulously clean, well trained and equipped with the most appropriate equipment to handle the task at hand. Most of the handling and loading appliances that the staff of DeVries Moving & Storage Solutions was using were at best modern and had the right features to make the task at hand easy.

They had a checklist that showed what they have packed in neatly labeled boxes. Other than stating what was in a box, therefore making it track own everything and figure out if there were lost items. The proof of insurance is also one of the things that kept me at peace while dealing with this reputable long distance moving company. They gave me a copy of their checklist, and I was quite happy with how they handled my move.

For those of you are not on the West Coast of Florida, I also found out that they have another family-owned moving company that is operated by the owner’s father. DeVries Family Moving & Storage is located in Port St Lucie and provides the same core moving services – residential, commercial, international, and specialized. Their highly experienced and known for their quality, professionalism, and extra-efficient service. Now we know where the son gets it from.

Their Jupiter-based long distance movers ensured that I got value for my hard earned dollars. I understood that these service providers have been in the industry for long, and they had mastered the best tricks on how the work needs to be done and this is one of the key reasons why I chose to work with them. Read More »

House Hunting

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Buying a house can be a great experience, especially when you know exactly what you want. Unfortunately, knowing what you want doesn’t guarantee a smooth process. Sometimes, knowing exactly what you want in a home can make it tougher. Finding the perfect home exactly the way you want it to be might be difficult. I purchased my first home in 2005 when I was living in Tampa, Florida.

Finding the perfect bachelor pad was the number one thing on my list. I didn’t want to settle for a place that was almost what I wanted; I would have to wake up every morning and think about how I almost got the perfect place. So to help me find the perfect bachelor pad I inquired the help of a local real estate agent from the Tampa area. The first place we went to see had everything I was looking for, but the location was horrible. I was located on a busy street right next to an elementary school.

For the first two months, there was only one place that I saw that I would think about settling for. The search for my perfect bachelor pad was starting to look like mission impossible. I was beginning to think that I would better off with a different real estate agent. That’s when I found out about a company called Adams Homes. Adams Homes is a company known for helping homebuyers find their dream homes even if that means building it exactly the way you want.

Having my bachelor pad built exactly the way I want is exactly what I needed. New homes in Tampa are rare to find, so the idea of a new home was music to my ears. The first time I met with Adams Homes, I met with Amber. She asked me some questions to find out more about what I am looking for, where I am looking and how much I was willing to spend. A few weeks after our meeting, she called me up and said she had the perfect place to show me. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was a bit excited.

When we went to look at the so-called perfect place she found for me I had my hopes high to see how this place would look. We pulled up to an empty lot in a construction area. I didn’t say anything because I thought she was making a stop before we get to the place. Read More »

The Life of Willem Lucas

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Welcome to My Life, My Story by Willem Lucas. This is my blog about the exciting life that I live. I am a huge sports fanatic, The Florida Gators are number 1 in my heart. I love hanging out with my family and friends and watching college football. My life is always full of surprises and there is never a dull moment. I’m an IT Tech Manager by day and a party animal by night. My best moments happen somewhere between when I wake up and when I go to sleep. My perfect day would include an early morning workout, consuming some sugar, watching ESPN, listening to EDM – mostly house, vocal trance, and dubstep, laughing with friends, and ending it wit am exciting college football game.

I grew up in Texas on a farm with a big family. When I was a kid, I always thought my life was interesting. Growing up in a house with seven brothers and sisters can have a huge impact on how exciting your life it. I love all of my brothers and sisters and I love spending time with them. follow my blog to read about all of the crazy things I encounter and meet my big crazy family. Read More »