House Hunting

House Hunting

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Buying a house can be a great experience, especially when you know exactly what you want. Unfortunately, knowing what you want doesn’t guarantee a smooth process. Sometimes, knowing exactly what you want in a home can make it tougher. Finding the perfect home exactly the way you want it to be might be difficult. I purchased my first home in 2005 when I was living in Tampa, Florida.

Finding the perfect bachelor pad was the number one thing on my list. I didn’t want to settle for a place that was almost what I wanted; I would have to wake up every morning and think about how I almost got the perfect place. So to help me find the perfect bachelor pad I inquired the help of a local real estate agent from the Tampa area. The first place we went to see had everything I was looking for, but the location was horrible. I was located on a busy street right next to an elementary school.

For the first two months, there was only one place that I saw that I would think about settling for. The search for my perfect bachelor pad was starting to look like mission impossible. I was beginning to think that I would better off with a different real estate agent. That’s when I found out about a company called Adams Homes. Adams Homes is a company known for helping homebuyers find their dream homes even if that means building it exactly the way you want.

Having my bachelor pad built exactly the way I want is exactly what I needed. New homes in Tampa are rare to find, so the idea of a new home was music to my ears. The first time I met with Adams Homes, I met with Amber. She asked me some questions to find out more about what I am looking for, where I am looking and how much I was willing to spend. A few weeks after our meeting, she called me up and said she had the perfect place to show me. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was a bit excited.

When we went to look at the so-called perfect place she found for me I had my hopes high to see how this place would look. We pulled up to an empty lot in a construction area. I didn’t say anything because I thought she was making a stop before we get to the place. Then, she parked the car and said, “here we are.” I was wondering if she was crazy, then she told me that this was the lot they were going to build my new home at. The location was perfect; It was walking distance from all the places I like to eat and hang out at.

She showed me one of the homes in the neighborhood as an example of what to expect, and I couldn’t find not one thing to complain about. The place was perfect. Nine months later I was signing the lease and getting the key to the front door. Adams Homes has been delivering unparalleled value to homeowners in the southeastern United States, including Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina. As one of the largest privately-held homebuilders in the country, they offer home buyers both the benefit of purchasing from a local owner-operated builder and the benefit of purchasing from a large, established builder. Adams Homes turned my home buying process from a nightmare to a walk in the park.

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