Why I Always Wanted To Be A Truck Driver

Why I Always Wanted To Be A Truck Driver

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I once heard someone say that anyone who has ever wanted to drive commercial trucks is a moron. But I do not believe there is anyone who has never considered working as a truck driver, not only in the United States but also from other parts of the world. But for now, let’s not delve on whether anyone who has ever thought of being a truck driver is a moron or not and dwell on the reasons that got me attracted to long distance trucking.

Traveling and living on the road for as long as three weeks at a time can be a source of incredible fascination, right? There are many impressive sights, an opportunity to meet different kinds of people from far and wide and the rare opportunity of watching the sun rise and set from one coast to another. What can this experience compare with?

trucker-dudeI have fancied a nomadic lifestyle for quite a long period and the time I fancied being a truck driver was when I was in my early 20s, driving, with no wife and children. Then, there was this friend of mine who worked with Tom Nehl, which is the largest commercial trucks dealership in North Florida and South Georgia and seemed to enjoy every bit of his truck driving career.

He used to tell me how being on the road is more than just a job. Traveling the countryside, hills, and valleys and not knowing where exactly your next load will take you. He told me that as soon as you are at it, this becomes your way of life. Well, he told me how he could get home after every few weeks to find that he is no longer part of the lives of the people who treated him with love before. While this was shocking, I found this to be quite thrilling.

Back then I admired the life of solitude and trucking is one of the options that offered this way of life. I fully respected being on the roads for up to 24 hours a day, all by myself, and without seeing or coming across anyone who I may know. All you will go through is a life of solitude and meeting strangers, who with time you become accustomed to.

My friend went ahead to tell me that dock workers, waitresses, and other truck drivers would be my primary company. He further hinted on the existence of truck stops that are open each day of the week and where you can get inside and talk to anybody, anytime.

No matter where you look in any of the commercial trucks stop, there will always be someone who is eager for a talk and after being on the road for years, you will get used to it. You will learn how these people socialize and do their stuff and3189 with time, you will get used to it.

The wages that were being paid for commercial trucks drivers also contributed to my wanting to get into this field. At that age and time, I was working at a place that was paying me very little, a lot less than what I would get from working as a truck driver. I was packing and unpacking stuff a lot and thought drivers who warned about threefold of what we used to get didn’t have to load or unload any freight. Although the days are long, I thought all I needed to do was just drive and do nothing more.

In most instances, because the driver has to stay inside the truck for up to a week at a time, the standard equipment that any employer provides is of the highest quality possible. The trucks are also fairly new and can be relied on in the most demanding of circumstances.

Moreover, being an independent hard working and adventurous guy, I was about to experiment it. I liked surprises and not routines. Challenges were part and parcel of my everyday life, and so I desired to knock them off as they come. I wanted to try it and not take it from my friend who worked with Tom Nehl and was being paid handsomely in return. I wanted the grand adventure that is what defines truck driving.

However, all this wasn’t to be. I ended up being a geek, and I’m now happily working as an IT manager.

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