You Should Always Use a Boutique Hotel

You Should Always Use a Boutique Hotel

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I have been to Miami several times in my life and for all the trips that I have made, I have used a boutique hotel. Being a business traveler, there is one place that I found to be exceptional – Hotel Boutique 18 as it offers features and a serene environment that every business traveler and a vacationer would want to enjoy.

The location of the Miami Boutique Hotel is one of the factors that makes it admirable for me, and I’m quite sure that this will remain one of the biggest appeals for most people. The facility is just a few meters away from the Beach, within the proximity of the Miami International Airport and a reputable convention center which makes it a great place to stay regardless of whether you are on a business trip on your private vacation.

The Miami Boutique Hotel building is tucked inside the Art Deco district, therefore, providing unhindered access to all that a world-class city can offer to anyone who is in the city for business travel and who wants to enjoy short commutes and pocket-friendly cab fares.

Recently when I was at the hotel, I started my day by enjoying the sun at the Miami Beach, surf and relax in the warm weather. After hours of having a great time at the beach, I took a stroll down the road to the popular Lincoln Road Mall to enjoy delicious dishes from world class restaurants.

At the mall, I discovered that there are all sorts of shops, with everything that any buyer would desire to buy. After taking a meal, followed by a drink, I walked a few meters ahead to purchase a souvenir that still reminds me of my visit to South Florida. Another awesome thing that’s of huge attraction in the Art Deco district is the architecture, museums and the art galleries that add to your viewing pleasure. Before you get out of the area, you will be in a position to learn whatever has been happening.DSC_6014

At the end of the day, you can dance away the night in any of the nightclubs in the area. I went out on a dance and looked back to my next visit there! There are all sorts of clubs in the area, so you can be pretty sure that areas around the Miami boutique hotel are your hot spot.

Since I went there for business the very last time I traveled, the short distance to the nearby conventions is one of the main reasons that will interest you in the accommodation facility. You will not have to worry about long travels for your business meetings and expensive cab fares. If you need to take any of your esteemed clients out for lunch anywhere in Florida, there is no shortage of restaurants, even that suits the needs of the most demanding client.

Other than providing me with an easy way of entertaining my clients, I also found it incredibly smooth planning my business appointments in a few of the modern business conventions nearby.Beach-miami1 I used two of the available centers and retreated to my boutique hotel conveniently in the evening. The facility offered me a level of convenience that helped to make my work much easier.

When I got back to my room, I couldn’t stop marveling at how someone took the time to design and equip a room to such high standard. The quarters are modern, glamorous and sparkling clean to the extent that I at times wished I had traveled with my friends and loved ones. The rooms are also quite spacious, and their choice of fabric is something that still leaves me amazed. I found everything to be chic and trendy, the kind that would suit anyone –from a business executive, honeymooning couple and someone who want a peaceful and private getaway for holidays.

Because its all inclusive, Miami Boutique Hotel is an excellent place to avoid crowded hotel lobbies while also not worrying about having to lose your privacy. Other additional features that every room in the boutique hotel has been a coffee machine, private parking, and free wireless internet connection, all of which help to save you hundreds of dollars.

By the end of my stay at the Hotel Boutique 18, I was pretty sure that I got more than I paid for. In my opinion, I can say that the hotel offered me a memorable stay that is difficult to match. Adding to the great experience are the Miami Boutique Hotel employees who are well trained, knowledgeable and customer focused.

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